We are offering not entirely ordinary packaging, we are offering packaging with a story. With a story about the beauty and romance of the Slovenian countryside. Rural areas, where for centuries, in the midst of pure and unspoiled nature generations of Slovenian beekeepers have been producing Slovenian honey.

The packaging turns a glass of honey into a desirable gift or souvenir, and its quality workmanship allows it to be used later for storage or re-gifting. After wear, it can be fully recycled since all materials used are natural, environmentally friendly and fully degradable.

The durable packaging protects the glass of honey from damage and is therefore well suited for carrying and various types of transport, even on an airplane. Due to its attractive appearance, it is also useful as a table decoration that offers honey protection from sunlight.

The packaging was first presented to the public by AKI Izlake under the auspices of the Slovenian Beekeeping Association at the Api Slovenia fair in March 2016 in Celje. In May 2017, in Zagreb, the Packaging Series received the international award “REGPAK 2017” for the best series of packaging on the market of the wider region, and in October of the same year at the Graphic Biennale in Ljubljana also the “Brumen” award for excellent Slovenian design.

Pure Slovenian honey – Gerat Gift Idea