Native Carniolan Bee – Apis mellifera carnica

Slovenia is the only EU Member State that has protected its native bee species – Carniolan lavender (Apis mellifera carnica). The Carniolan lavender is today the second most common honey bee in the world, renowned for its hard work, obedience and excellent sense of orientation. The Mellifera line has borrowed the middle part of the Latin name of our Carniolan lavender and we will do our best to justify it. With quality, trust and respect for the gifts that our nature brings.

Why Bee Treasure?

When we conceived the idea of the Bee’s Treasure, we repeatedly asked ourselves, when looking at the offer of honey in shopping centers, which honey is really the one we can trust. Although we are honey users, we did not know that there are certified jars that can only be filled with Slovenian honey, we were even less familiar with the rules of the Beekeeping Association of Slovenia. When we read labels on honey jars in the shops, we most often noticed in the records that they were labeled “from the EU” or even “outside the EU”. This is how the idea was created to bring something to the market that will provide quality, recognition and originality to the consumer. We are committed to the three most important rules.

First rule: only the best is good enough

This rule applies especially to honey of Slovenian origin. This is how the idea came about to provide for us a truly genuine Slovenian honey, and this only and exclusively of Slovenian origin. We have decided to set up a network of trusted honey producers who find it hard to break into store shelves. Considering the high margins, it is clear that small Slovenian producers are hard to earn or simply too expensive. Including them in our bee story would help small Slovenian honey producers and offer only the best and Slovenian to consumers.

Second rule: Verified content of Slovenian origin and traceability

We will personally visit every producer of Slovenian origin to fill honey in an official honey bottler and see if it is the right honey producer or just someone who wants to make money by mixing honey from anywhere. We want to openly and openly inform our customers about all the facts. How? Each product will have a so-called QR code. With your mobile phone you will be able to get all the necessary information about the origin of the honey you are buying through the QR code. Traceability will therefore be ensured. You will also be able to check the source of the honey at the store or at our online store, which will also be our key sales window.

Rule Three: Cute brand identity

We are convinced that in addition to content, the image of the product is important. That is why we invited a young Slovenian designer to design the stickers and logo, who breathed fresh ideas into the corporate identity. We want to give our customers a trusted brand with our Mellifer line, so appearance is important in addition to content. By looking at the stylized Carniolan bee you will know that it is a safe and clean honey of Slovenian origin. We have also prepared wonderful gift packages that will delight the gifted people and will be remembered for a long time for their innovativeness and excellent content. With the Mellifera product line, you will not be embarrassed to donate anything to make the gift original and useful. You will never be embarrassed to give a gift that has a corporate identity and is thus personally shaped in harmony with the Slovenian national tradition.

For ending

We will be happy if you decide on honey from the Mellifera line that you can buy on the Internet, medomat (we hope that the idea will come to life successfully) or on some commercial shelf (the offer in stores will be conditioned by the amount of margin that may not be too high). We also want to become recognized as exporters of Slovenian honey with a simple mouse click. Always healthy, always quality, always at hand. This should be the Mellifera line with honey exclusively from Slovenian producers. Try our offer and you will not be sorry. The Mellifera line The Bee Treasure is our story, the story of the Carniolan Bee.

“Honey is like a kind words, sweet to the the soul and healthy for the body”.